Student Opportunities

*All Student Positions have been filled for the 2024/2025 academic year. Please check back for future training opportunities with Continuing Hope Counseling.*

Practicum Placement for Master-Level Social Work/Psychology/Counseling Student


Who = Master-Level Social Work/Psychology/Counseling Student
What = Clinical Practicum Placement|
When = Spring Semester (beginning January 2024)
Where = Continuing Hope Counseling Fairbanks, Alaska
Why = Increase Clinical Knowledge and Skills to Better Prepare Student for Post-grad Career

The ideal student is interested in working with children, families, and adults.

Learners are provided with exposure to a wide-ranging client population. As an organization prioritizing care of Alaska families, students would work with clients presenting an array of mental health conditions and life experiences. Students will navigate many clinical presentations and learn how to work with community systems in a private practice setting. A student in this position will generate professional skills from a variety of different theoretical orientations.

Supervision, consultation, and co-therapy is received from a team of licensed professionals with one primary supervisor consistent with their academic requirements. A learner in this position would complete 12-20 hours per week of combined direct and indirect training.

Please contact us at if you or someone you know would be interested in this practicum placement.

Thank you